Moved Back

We are all moved back in and I am in love with my new floors.  That is the most adult thing I’ve probably ever said.  Things change -  I thought I’d never care about this kind of stuff but now that I have a house that’s mine I have this energy to give to it.  I will post some before/after photos soon – after I take all the afters and get them off my camera.  Also, guys, its spring. I’ve been waiting so long for it – and now it’s finally here. I can’t explain the sense of well being and peace I get from standing outside and absorbing the sun in temperate weather. The green plants, flowers, birds, everything resonates within me.  Our trip to Japan is less than a month away ( whaaaa! ) and then it looks like I’ll be flying up to NYC for a few days again. Lots of travel in the books for me this season – which, tbh, I have no complaints about. Hoping for some time to post it all here!

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