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A New York Minute

New York City is my favorite set of skyscrapers, beating hearts, and busy streets.  I always feel at home here mingled inbetween many strangers’ shoulders – peering through the outlines of their necks and scarves for the next street sign. I came her with my mentee from work and while the work hours were stressful, the evenings were an were like an old friend’s embrace.

Here are the things that stood out to me on this trip.

The Vessel, Hudson Yards

A futuristic installation along the Hudson river. We enjoyed walking up and down the new fixture to appreciate both the little corner of New York we were able to get an aerial view of as well as the interior of the Vessel – a stark, trekkish contrast.

Shops and Restaurants at Hudson Yards

Right next to Hudson Yards is the Shops and Restaurants at Hudson Yards. The mall is fairly new and had an immersive experience in it.

It was an all white experience with white tiles, carpet, suede, and mosaics.

And what would a trip to New York City be without a stop at Central Park?

Central Park

This year I was very lucky to enjoy cherry blossoms multiple times during my travels. When we went to Japan we enjoyed almost an entire week of it – and then when I came back my cherry trees at home were in full bloom! Then, my trip here let me enjoy the beautiful flowers once more. Cherries are my favorite flowering tree – so I was just so grateful to get the experience repeatedly this year.


New York –  I can’t wait to visit you again. I am always sorry to leave! Until next time.

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