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  • A Rainy Night in Osaka Japan

    A Moment Back to Osaka

    Last year, on this day, I was meandering the streets of a wet Osaka, Japan. We had just walked though a rainstorm from the train station and I spied Japanese fashion footwear…

  • Life

    Today I bought a Keyboard

    I’ve wanted to learn how to play the piano for as long as I can remember. The feeling swells within me as I’m writing code and listening to my favorite soundtracks in…

  • Life, Travel

    Things Happened

    So, Jeremy and I have been busy this year – and we have another thing to add to our list: We’ve moved! We found what we felt was the perfect house for…

  • Life

    This Too Shall Pass

    I was pondering over my buffalo chicken wings today. There won’t be any more wings after I eat this last one. Oddly it felt like a very profound thought. All things in a…

  • Life

    UNDY Colon Cancer 5K

    Jeremy and I are running in the Colon Cancer Alliance UNDY​ Run/Walk 5K on the 24th of this month on behalf of  my cousin, who is more like a brother, Sanjay Dharmaraj​…

  • Photography

    A While

    My poor neglected blog! The last time I touched it was my brother’s birthday in August! It’s halfway through November! In October I had the pleasure of shooting two weddings and a…

  • Life, Photography

    Takin Care of Business

    April sure was a busy month for both Jeremy and I! Both of us have large workloads at our jobs, have been taking care of several photography clients, and trying our best…

  • Life, Photography


    I had a wonderful Easter weekend, although it started crummily. I contracted some sort of disease from a coworker and it kept me home for two days last week.  It was completely…