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    Introducing Sushi, a delightful ball of fur that has joined the household, captivating hearts with each playful pounce. With mesmerizing eyes and a mischievous spirit, this adorable little guy adds joy to…

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    The same day we hit up the Pumpkin patch, we also hit up the sunflower field nearby. We had no plans to do this prior, but when we drove by it I…

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    8th Anniversary Musings

    Just like that eight years flew by since our wedding. When I reflect, I am glad the guests had a good time, but it was a absolute relief when it was over.…

  • Life

    Looking Up

    A few things have happened lately that has me smiling. First, my husband has turned into an amazing baker.  Jeremy’s always had a great cooking skill and passion within him but the…

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    Coronavirus Week 3

    I am going to be 100% honest on here. I am of two minds during this Coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent effects on the economy. I am grateful. My family has been…

  • A Rainy Night in Osaka Japan

    A Moment Back to Osaka

    Last year, on this day, I was meandering the streets of a wet Osaka, Japan. We had just walked though a rainstorm from the train station and I spied Japanese fashion footwear…

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    Exercise Routine

    So recently, I started making time instead of making excuses and have been heading to the gym. I’ve been seeing someone to help me with my goals. I thought I was going…

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    Moved Back

    We are all moved back in and I am in love with my new floors.  That is the most adult thing I’ve probably ever said.  Things change -  I thought I’d never care…

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    Slowing Down is for Suckers

    I realized a few weeks ago that I have been busy for so long that I actually don’t know what to do with myself when I have some time to myself.  22 year…