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    Since the quail live in the covered patio during most of the year, the local hawks will come visit and see if they can suss out a way to get into the…

  • Photography

    Cosmos & Zinnia

    This year we built two garden beds and I filled them with Cosmos, Zinnia, and Sunflowers. The Cosmos and Zinnia flowers are from my childhood – a memory of a garden between…

  • Life

    My Own Garden

    I remember growing up and helping my parents in the garden. I specifically remember the thoughts centering around how I am never going to garden as an adult becasue why would anyone want…

  • Photography, Travel

    Selby Gardens

    When Rachael, Kenneth, Jeremy and I went to Siesta Key to shoot their engagement session, we finsihed the trip at the Marie Selby botanical gardens. Easily my favorite botanical garden now, it…

  • Photography

    Chihuly in the Garden

    Chihuly in the Garden is back in Atlanta. I remember my first year in college, at Georgia State University, when Chihuly in the Garden first came to Atlanta. It was a good…

  • Photography


    Everything we planted on our deck is blooming! On top of that, we got a hose with a mist setting. You know what that means.Mist on everything! And then : rampant photography.…