Slowing Down is for Suckers

I realized a few weeks ago that I have been busy for so long that I actually don’t know what to do with myself when I have some time to myself.  22 year old me is screaming inside – because she loved having nothing to do.  33 year old me is just living another day in the life. Now, for me, busy doesn’t mean working all the time – but it does mean doing all the time.  Doing the things that help me complete all my work for my job on time.  Making it to everything on my fairly packed social calendar. Learning something now and again so I don’t become that entitled career person that wants success without investing time into staying current.  Prioritizing my marriage ( kinda easy because who doesn’t want to hang out with Jeremy? ). Managing all the things we are doing to our home… including moving out of it for 10 days this month so we can both refinish and install hardwood floors everywhere.  Taking time to learn Japanese letters, words, and phrases so I can enjoy our upcoming trip to Japan more! There’s not a good deal of time in here for things like sleep.

Anyway, there wasn’t any real point. Life is good. I’m just really tired.

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