Twenty Thirteen

Some 2013 Goals I’ve been pondering. They’re not really ‘Resolutions’ in the sense that I’m not all riled up about it for January and forget by February. These are achievable goals. :)

Reclaim my focus on fitness
Track MyFitnessPal & Weight for 30 days straight.
Complete 30 day shake & low carb diet.
Return to 5x a week, 60mins/session Workout schedule for 35 out of 52 weeks this year.

Develop Business & Photography
Book 3 weddings more than last year
Do one newborn session
Expand Travel Photography Experience by documenting all items under #3
Submit 10 Photos and have them accepted to a stock photo exchange site.

Visit two new countries this year.
Visit three new states in the USA
Go Skiing / Snowboarding for the first time ever

Express my love everyday  both by saying and doing
Cook him dinner, at least twice a week. Don’t laugh. I don’t really cook. :p
Savor the fact that every night is date night. I’m very blessed and I’m going to enjoy it.

Unrelated Goal for the next few years:
I want to witness New Years passing in Sydney, New York, London, Moscow and Rio de Janeiro.


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