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  • Tell the Wolves I'm Home

    Tell the Wolves I’m Home

    If I’m a hundred percent honest with you, I’d tell you I don’t read much. Books were something I enjoyed in my youth until schooling and expectations turned books into these heavy…

  • Travel

    What We Did : Asheville

    [vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]   When Jeremy and I went to Asheville we decided to take a laid back approach to the trip and plan essentially nothing. We did get out in between naps! These…

  • Just For Fun


    I love Popsicolor! It’s the latest tool in my little iPhone artbox. I think it provides beautiful results given the right input file. It is a bit picky! I find that  it’s…

  • Photography, Review


    It’s been ages since I last wrote a review! Now that I have my camera with my 24/7 I have more of an opportunity to photograph my eats.  Last Sunday J &…

  • Photography


    I bought some beautiful resin earrings the other day from this wonderful store. This dreamy scriptacular amber pair will go with about half my work wardrobe. :) I’ve always had a thing…

  • Review

    Silk Asian Steak & Seafood

    I was part of a group of about 30 people out to celebrate a friend’s birthday. Reservations were made back in December for this past Saturday night (22nd of January). Once enough…

  • Review

    Undercover Boss

    While flipping through Netflix during this winter shut-in, the show Undercover Boss scrolled onto my screen. I saw one episode a few months ago at a Hilton Resort in Key Largo  for…

  • Review

    Review: P’Cheen

    I need to start restaurant reviewing again. I am sooo lazy. I’ve gone to so many new restaurants I wanted to review but haven’t. Well lets start with P’Cheen. So my friends…

  • Review

    Eyes Lips Face : $50 Grab Bag

    I don’t usually do make-up reviews,  but being brown and all I can’t help but cue you in on a good deal. This is for you ladies.  I’m crossposting the review from…