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  • Photography, Travel

    New Orleans

    It had been a long time since I was last in New Orleans. It was pre-Katrina, the week princess Diana was killed in a car wreck. I think I was 12. Revisiting…

  • Photography, Travel

    San Nicolas

    San Nicolas is a vibrant and culturally rich town located on the southern coast of Aruba.Once a bustling hub of the island’s oil industry, the town has evolved into a diverse community…

  • Photography, Travel

    Boston Harbor

    I wanted to post a lot more photos from Boston but I really didn’t take that many. I was busy having fun with Jeremy, my brother, and our friend Zac. I always…

  • Travel

    Lovers Key

    One of southwest Florida’s little secrets is Lovers Key. Situated inside of Lovers Key State Park, it is not crowded, has pretty easy access from the State Park itself. It’s $8 to…

  • Art, Local

    Poetic Kinetics

    Friday I had an unexpected day off and I grabbed lunch with a good friend at A Mano, which makes pretty stellar sandwiches, before finding ourselves at the Botanical Gardens. A couple…