Solar Eclipse 2024

We had a partial eclipse over Atlanta yesterday. It didn’t get totally dark but we enjoyed a dimming of the skies and the cool crescent! I really want to experience totality one day — and in 2026 I will have another opportunity so I will make plans that time!

In the meantime, here are some shots from my yard yesterday!

I knew there would be a ton of straight shots of the eclipse in its transition. In 2017 I did the same — just straight shot of the eclipse as it changed through the clouds. This time, I wanted to try and catch the same phenomena with a little creativity and visual context. I turned about 90 degrees for each of these photos.

A 3 stack HDR image of the eclipse, the halo the sun cast through my lens, and my cherry tree still in bloom.
A mylar sheet was used over the lens to catch the light.
This photograph highlights the eclipse by allowing the intense rays to split through the lens to form rainbows and tiny little replicas of the eclipse.
Another stacked photo, this time letting just a small amout of light through the blossoms and letting the rays break apart into even more rainbows. For my own pleasure, I applied a Fuji Sensia 200 film emulation to it.

Whenever there is a majestic and beautiful thing on our earth to experience, I am so grateful to be alive during an era where we can understand it more, capture it for ourselves, and share it with others. Until the next eclipse!

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