Eclipse 2017

Jeremy and I stayed home today in hopes of seeing the eclipse passing over our town. We set up shop right outside on our driveway around 2pm and watched the moon cover and uncover the sun. It was a an amazing experience.  Jeremy found an unused space blanket – which is pretty close to what eclipse glasses are – and we tied it around my lens and pointed it at the sun. I got some spectacular shots that I am so happy with.

The moon begins to inch over the sun.

The clouds cleared for a nice shot of the eclipse + a few sunspots!

The clouds rolled in and out but thankfully there were more thin than thick clouds.

This was my favorite cloud cover photo.

This teeny sliver was as close to totality as we were going to get from our own neighborhood.

This photo took my breath away when I loaded it off my camera. It was so surreal.

When 2024 rolls around, I hope we are able to go see the eclipse again! It was truly a spellbinding experience.

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