Missy had all her teeth extracted on valentine’s day – it was really hard to watch her have to come out from under the influence of the anesthesia.  Once she was cognizant she clearly was uncomfortable all around her mouth.
One of the things I really appreciate about this little furry being is that she has such a good attitude about when we undergo procedures at the vet. She definitely chooses to love on us despite the trauma and is always attempting to show some form of affection even after a tough day. On top of that she is so resilient – she makes it work with what she has. Even when she’s in pain and in discomfort she doesn’t turn into a nasty, hissy creature.  She is a tough kitty full of love and I couldn’t be more happy to share my home with such a little inspiring creature. It’s been a week and she’s learned to eat again – including her dry food.

May we all face adversity and misfortune we can’t understand with the same grace as this little animal.

In other news – my dad’s test results from his colonoscopy have all come back clear and we are so grateful. Our family has been very thankful for the health we are blessed with.

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