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I had a wonderful Easter weekend, although it started crummily. I contracted some sort of disease from a coworker and it kept me home for two days last week.  It was completely inopportune considering how much collaborative work I needed to complete at the office.  I’m on some strong antibiotics, which always seems to mess up my entire digestive tract. On the flip side I have some really sweet friends. Friday night Sam & Val came over and we consumed an Argentinian themed dinner and watched Frozen together. We had a small adventure where a large outdoor cockroach made it’s way in and climbed up my body. That was fun and screamy.

Saturday, it rained and my morning e-session rescheduled. I enjoyed sleeping in. I met with two wonderful clients later in the day once the sun broke out. I’m looking forward to June, when I am packed with weddings! On Sunday night my BFFs Sana and Ami came over and brought me food, cheered me up, and then watched Frozen with me. :) I love them so much.

Sunday we headed to Easter service at 9am, which surprisingly wasn’t much more packed than normal church service. I admit I was glad since I expected to slowly roam out of the parking lot over 45 minutes amidst hundreds of Easter service attendees.  We were out in 10! Sunday afternoon we met with my entire mum’s side family for Easter lunch. I really enjoy my family, they are the best.

We hung out with my brother and his buddies at a coffee shop in the evening and I saw this pretty mockingbird in the trees.  Spring is here. The weather is still throwing some cold curveballs now and then but I’ll take it. Yesterday while standing outside Thousand Hills and trying to figure out what to do we realized it was 7pm! It felt like it was 3pm the way the sun was shining.  I love that so much.  :)

Hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend too!


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    Oh… My! That’s a beautiful shot.

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