I’ll go ahead and admit it. I am awful at running.

I will willingly do anything else during boot camp happily. Weight lifting? Yes. Crazy ab exercises? Yes. Cardio? Yes.  When it comes to running I have neither the physical or mental stamina to do well. When my shins and ankles start to hurt I begin to lose focus and my speed just DIES.

The crusher for this assessment day was that I had improved over the last few months, quite regularly.  My mile came down to 10:02 the last time I was assessed. This was a big accomplishment for someone who started at 16:30. I had improved about a minute per month. I couldn’t even run 300 feet, much less a mile, back in March.  Well, the last time I was assessed, I was on a vegan diet and my energy and stamina were on a different level. Yesterday, it was assessment day again. I felt sick to my stomach, party because I had eaten  a couple of fiber bars beforehand.

Fiber bar =  tasty  = epic gas.

Halfway through the run I got a bad cramp that felt like it encapsulated my entire liver. It sucked.  My mile time was like 11:40. SUCKK.

And I’ll be completely honest. My diet has gone to the dogs the last couple weeks. I’m frequenting Steak and Shake way more than I should.

So last night when I was out with friends to buy housewarming gifts for another buddy of ours,  we came across the Adidas store and their buy one get one sale. It’d been six months since my last exercise shoe buy and I needed something to cheer me up after the epic failure that was my mile run.  Then I saw these babies.

Cue my new Adidas. They look awesome. They felt good on my feet, and I need some psychological support for next assessment day. My plan is to get back on that vegan diet for the 2 weeks before assessments so I’m in better shape. I’m not built for running but I don’t want to stop building myself for running.

Man I love these shoes. I’m going to rock my next assessment day.

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  • Reply Laura November 7, 2011 at 12:11 pm

    These are really cool looking. I hope they work well.

    • Reply Sunira November 7, 2011 at 1:02 pm

      Now that I’ve had them for six weeks I can safely say they are the best running shoes I’ve ever owned. Back in march I paid nearly $110 to have a pair of runners fit for my feet but these $45 dollar babies worked even better.

      I would definitely recommend them.

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