UNDY Colon Cancer 5K

Jeremy and I are running in the Colon Cancer Alliance UNDY​ Run/Walk 5K on the 24th of this month on behalf of  my cousin, who is more like a brother, Sanjay Dharmaraj​ who is bravely battling colon cancer. Please consider donating to help us raise money to meet and exceed our goals!!

I am grateful for any amount you can spare towards this cause!  In place of donations, prayers and thoughts towards my cousin Sanjay would be much appreciated.

For everyone who donates $75 or more, I’ll do a 30 minute photo shoot of you, you & partner, you and your pets, your family, your bee hives, your 90’s troll collection or whatever as long as it’s within the Metro Atlanta area and I don’t have to go into anyone’s basement alone! Haha! I trust you guys! …maybe.

You can check out my work at for a quick snapshot of my work or to see more complete galleries.

Any donations can be made here:

Thanks again!

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