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I haven’t had a chance to pull out my camera for anything other than people & events which I generally don’t post here. Fall is coming though, which means I’ll have a lot more opportunity to do some shooting. I’m going to start packing my camera on my way to boot camp so I can spend some time after the workout taking photos at the park. If I can get a 30 minute walk in after that’d be great.  When life gets ridiculously busy, you have to get creative.

I hope things slow down soon.

But with all the random business, day job responsibilities, family & friends events, I have maybe an hour to myself everyday. Maybe.  I usually spend that hour either wasting time on the couch or eating some junk from my kitchen / cleaning because everything looks like a sty.

I’m not griping. My life is awesome. So awesome I don’t even have time to do laundry I’m doing things I love ALL THE TIME. I’m truly blessed.


Driving home.


The rain on the way to pick up something very important… :)


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