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It’s been a while since Missy and Molly have made my blog!  Missy has been keeping me company on a new desk we got for my office. Now I have a computer desk and right behind where I sit, we’ve put in a writing desk. Yes, in 2019, I am still writing handwritten letters, and sifting through physical mail. The good news is – I am also enjoying the dedicated space for my bullet journaling, drawing, and magazine perusal without distraction. It’s nice to keep the two spaces close but seperate.


Last week the temps got into the 100’s. That’s probably the hottest it’ll get in Georgia! Molly enjoyed it by baking on the rugs on our back covered patio.  I’ve had to keep corralling them back into the air conditioning because I don’t want them to overheat out there.


I love my sweet little furballs!

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