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So recently, I started making time instead of making excuses and have been heading to the gym. I’ve been seeing someone to help me with my goals. I thought I was going for help with my biggest hurdle: weight loss, but It’s definitely about addressing how much you bullshit yourself instead. That’s the root of most of my roadblocks.  So to my surprise, I am finding myself not taking my own BS and it’s been pretty dang great. Anyway, in the process I think I found the best workout app ever. It’s called FitBod and the reason I really love it is its muscle fatigue feature. You get a set of exercises per workout that takes your muscle fatigue into account. I’ve been able to log 500+ calorie hour-long workouts but not be completely busted a day later. I never found the absolute soreness that came after hard workouts to be helpful in keeping the habit up.  The other feature I really like is that the generated workout plan also has the option to replace a recommended exercise with another. This has been super useful because my gym is well populated and sometimes the bench isn’t available or the squat racks are all taken up. I can swipe left on an exercise and it will give me a few more options that exercise the same muscle group – often without a machine or free weight requirement. Indispensable!

Changing my perspective has been good for me in multiple ways. The change in mood, ability to perform/execute, and overall satisfaction with my day to day life is really improved.  I think the best part of the last 12 months was removing sources of negativity ( self centered user/abuser type people, overwhelming information sources, too much social media) in my life, refocusing on expending effort into my life goals, and making the effort to reach out and include positive influences and loving people more.

Hope you all are having good years too!

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