Happy Thanksgiving

This thanksgiving was extra special. This Thanksgiving, I was sick as a dog. Starting last weekend, I contracted a upper respiratory viral infection that evolved into asthmatic bronchitis. I didn’t take the onset of cold very well, I suppose. Days of high and mid grade fever, zero energy, no appetite, splitting headaches, awful body pains and coughing fits so bad I didn’t sleep for a couple of nights led me to the doctor’s where a big cortisone shot in the butt and a variety of drugs and inhalers got me back on track. It’s been 9 days of this so far but I feel so blessed!  Through it all I’ve had no problem getting to stay home and focus on healing. I have a wonderful husband that took care of everything including solo shooting a session for me.  My boss and office kept it stress free as I stayed home and the flexibility that comes with my job is so magnificent.  My family was sure to check on me and bring me loads of food.  :) My brother made sure to help me out however he could with runs to the store, food, and bossing me into taking my meds at the right times. I’m so very loved and supported. These are people that don’t just say they care. They do things to care for me. I love them and this Thanksgiving I’ve had nothing but blessings to think about. I pray to God that I always be like the people I am surrounded by!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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