This Too Shall Pass

I was pondering over my buffalo chicken wings today. There won’t be any more wings after I eat this last one.

Oddly it felt like a very profound thought. All things in a single human life pass, no matter how notable or trifling. The thought expanded; tendrils of the concept claiming more things it applied to.

School. Childhood. Disasters. Projects. Homes. Relationships. Parents. Jobs. Opportunities. Quiet moments. Wrath.

It was a reminder to endure the parts of our lives we don’t care for and embrace the moments in the parts of our lives we love.  The things in our lives that are routine tend to pass by without much impact on emotions or overall meaning in life but we have a tendency to spend the most amount of our personal time and mental energy on them, forgetting they’re only there to enable the wonderful parts of our lives and reduce the impact of the terrible things.

I’m not going anywhere further with this, but let it be known I really savored that last chicken wing.

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