Since I’ve been back, I’ve been focused a bit on reining in my eating habits. Before I left for India, my eating habits consisted of no breakfast, randome eating out for lunch and whatever I could scavenge in my own fridge for dinner. Usually this was a low vegetable, processed, carbtastic quick meal.

It’s hard for a working, solo girl to have a good diet! Oh, don’t look at me like that.

After getting sick overseas, it was like my stomach and mind got a reset. It was a struggle to eat a lot after I returned, and I was sleeping TONS. I’m talking like most of the day plus the whole night.

Now I’m mostly back to normal. Except I’m keeping up a couple of the changes. One, I’ve cut back on my carbs. A lot. I am eating under 20 grams a day and sticking to my calorie budget. This is actually easy. How come?

I have discovered /r/keto! It’s a subreddit devoted to the ketosis diet. Essentially it’s very similar to the beginning stages of South Beach, or the entire Atkins diet. Previously I’ve done a very low carb diet and it worked wonders. Then I went back to eating like I’m 14 and well, of course most of it packed right back on. It took a solid year and half to pack it back on, but I did and it was entirely due to me ignoring my diet and eating whatever, whenever.

So far this diet has been amazing. I’m hooked on one cabbage-taco recipe and have eaten it for a few meals so far. Some of the best tasting foods have the fewest calories. Meat in and of itself isn’t very heavy in calories. A filet of tilapia has like 150 calories. I eat two, with salsa and sour cream and cheese on napa cabbage leaves. The whole meal is like 450 calories and leaves me -stuffed-.

I haven’t actually bought batteries for my weighing scale. I have no clue what I weigh right now. And honeslty I don’t care. Between ramping up my fitness with a boot camp and sticking to this diet, I feel awesome so I’m fine not looking at that number.

I will keep updated on here with the results of this diet plus getting right back into my exercise regimen. It’s day two of being back in boot camp after a month and my butt is getting kicked. Seriously kicked. I’m more than happy to get back into my exercise regimen though. I missed it.  I’d been going to boot camp for 9 months before I left for India and being back in the room, sweating buckets.. no place I’d rather be from 6-7:15 everyday!

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting photos. I just haven’t had the motivation to care about photography for the last couple of weeks. Like everything else, I think the creative juices will slowly have to recover with the passage of time. Maybe this weekend I’ll go out and shoot some fun stuff. I’ve got some party plans and social activity is usually a wonderful creative catalyst for me.

Later gators!



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