The Fault in Our Stars

the-fault-in-our-starsI don’t usually have a lot of time set aside for reading but I’ve been picking up a few more books lately. The fault in our stars was recommended through GoodReads and looked like a short read. This is terrible, but what the cover of the book looks like heavily influences whether I pick up the book or not. By the way, I like chalkboard text. :)

The story follows two teenagers struggling with terminal health issues as they fall in love.  Romantic, I’m not, but this book had me tearing through the pages while trying to really soak in this relationship. The hard truths of reality mixing with the effervescent emotions of young love made for a gripping contrast.

I enjoy the read, to the very last sentence and nearly fell in love with Augustus Waters myself. Don’t tell my husband. Do pick up this book. :)

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