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I’m still reveling in the feeling that wedding planning is OVER!!! Getting our lives in order has been really great. I still have like 130 more Thank You notes to write, and name change paperwork to do but all the hard, stressful stuff is over. Last weekend I was at the Westin to shoot some wedding details for a vendor. I arrived a bit early and was told to go help myself at the bar. Jeremy came along and we had this excellent white wine mixed with some sort of elderberry liqueur. I like pretty food and drink and a little lemon curl adds a little zing to the visual impact of most food! While trying to shoot this using my 50mm on my crop sensor dslr, and almost falling out of my chair to get everything I wanted in the frame, I was reminded how badly I wanted a nice full frame body and a few L series lenses.

It’s going to happen. It might take a bit longer because now we’ll need two of each body and two of every common use lens, but I’m getting excited about the prospect of excellent equipment. It won’t make me shoot better photos, but it will certainly make achieving the look I want far easier and faster. Part of respecting myself and my business is to skip out on purchasing everything on credit. Man it is SO HARD sometimes knowing that I can have everything I want right now and pay it back but that’s not how I want to set the tone for all my future achievements.

Sometimes it feels stupid.


I love the color of this drink  :]   I want to have another!

Other than that, life in general feels great. I’m getting steeped into my new senior position at work that I was promoted into in August (yay!).  Being promoted into a new position with a new team, new responsibilities and a new platform was a bit stressful the couple months before the wedding trying to be present and do work for the team I was transitioning from while trying to learn the ropes on the new one. Still, I wasn’t going to put my career aside for something as transient as my wedding day.  I love where I work and I love where I’m going with it all. I am truly blessed two have not one but two wonderful careers that seem to be steadily increasing my challenges and my personal rewards in many ways!

I need to finish processing my honeymoon photos. I am so overwhelmed with all the fun things I’m doing these past weeks.

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