I’ve started to take a look around my house again. I didn’t have space in my brain to continue to do the things required for home improvement for the past year but now I do plus I have an extra pair of hands willing to help me tackle most projects. The plants around my yard needs some work. I have a tiny yard (on purpose!) but I still like flowers and some garden decor. I noticed the peonies had stared blooming while I was gone. I’m thankful that there’s a yard crew that takes care of most of the annoying work (mowing, trimming, mulching, etc) so planting flowers and watering them are the end of my yard responsibilities. I was thinking of planting some Checkered Lillies or maybe a large assortment of Ranunculus. I love Ranunculus. Anemones are my second favorite. Maybe I’ll just plant them all and see what happens!!  It’s not like there are any rules, right?


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