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I don’t usually brag. In fact, I like to pretend I’m a mostly humble person. Right? Right?!!

Well, your answer doesn’t matter because I don’t feel like being humble. Not today!

This photo may be seemingly innocent. Nothing special is going on here. My friend Uzo is across the ping pong table from me, watching a riveting match between Jeremy and our other friend Daniel.


Except the cool thing was that I had just bet that I could catch the ping pong ball flying by and not only catch it in the shot but catch it right over Uzo’s face. I didn’t even try twice! I got it the very next shot as it zoomed by. Just call me the Annie Oakley of the shutter button. Or how about the SLR Sniper?


Yeah I know, it’s not even in focus. But look, Uzo’s holding two yellow balls, the photo is off kilter, and it just screams art.  Well maybe I did that on purpose. Yeah. That’s right.  Suck it, René Magritte. I do it in real life.

Okay I’m not that cocky but it’s fun to pretend like you’re the biggest winner when a little bit of luck combines with a modicum of skill. :)

And… you know how I said nothing special was going on during this game? I lied. I think special is a good word to describe the following.

Love all my friends, haha.

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  • Reply AMI February 28, 2012 at 9:07 am

    This is just excellent. Lol. please Share this with the world.

    • Reply Sunira March 4, 2012 at 11:14 pm

      Haha will do. :) I finally bought a new laptop today so I can work on photos and things a lot more!

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