Traipsing around the city is a favorite hobby of mine, partially because it fills my mind with ideas and I feel like a vegetable collector in someone else’s garden.  I’ve always kind of liked the idea of bare bulbs on the wall but the harsh impact on the eye always made it hard to execute without making that portion of the room look too raw. This weekend, I looked up while slurping a noodle and saw a genius solution to the problem.

It’s so simple.  A dip in some metal and the harsh light is gone, leaving the beautiful ring of light I appreciate in a lightbulb. The look is a bit industrial but I can already think of many ways to “home” it up.

The weeks are zooming by so fast. I’m kind of glad they are.  2012 will leave me feeling like a bit of my destiny has been ignited. Sitting around like tinder is really getting to me though. :)

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  • Reply joann, sidewalk chic February 14, 2012 at 8:40 am

    That is so cool looking! Is it safe to dip in metal (I’m guessing metal paint).

    • Reply Sunira February 14, 2012 at 9:08 am

      It appeared to be dipped in actual metal and not a paint. I’m not sure if they sprayed molten metal onto the glass or not. Some metals have a pretty low melting temp that’s lower than glass so I guess that’s possible. I haven’t actually been able to google them and find them so maybe they’re custom made? I love them though, for like a small space or an industrial themed office.

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