This weekend I had planned to have a few friends over. It was an opportunity to try something new for a party snack.  This recipe (suggested by @jstone13zero) is from one of our new favorite blogs, Oh She Glows.

The ingredients were simple enough.

Add some maple syrup and balsamic vinegar and you have an interesting dressing for this mishmash of fruit and quinoa. I had never had quinoa before this dish. I have to admit, I was highly skeptical of the taste since most prepared “healthy” grains taste like cardboard but the quinoa was actually very good. It had a very light, unobtrusive flavor and I can’t say I didn’t enjoy the texture.

Fair warning, though. It’s pretty difficult not to try to consume the dish before you’ve cooked the Quinoa or added the dressing.

This is what Quinoa looks like after it’s been cooked:

Start spooning the fruit on top…

And it’s all plated. :)

Soooooo delicious. Sooo GONE!

Try out the recipe. It’s healthy, vegan, and amazing! The rest of her recipes look amazing as well. I will probably be trying them in the future!! :)

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