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Thrifting Treasure: Minolta X-370

So I went thrifting earlier today at the local salvation army and came across a Minolta X-370 in a glass case. It was fully functional and vintagey looking which is something I adore.  I noticed it had a sigma lens attached to it and remembered the sigma lenses my parents bought for me at a church sale earlier this year. Since the camera was half off on special sale, I went ahead and bought it , along with a beautiful fish statue for my dad’s fish tank area and a cute small figure of a girl with a parrot that I thought my mom would like.

When I took it home, I wasn’t disappointed! All the lenses fit the mount! Actually, now I have more lenses for this old camera than I do for my DSLR. Irony!


Check it out. I am totally equipped for film shooting now, except for, I guess, any actual skill with a film camera. I think I’ll just buy 400 film and play it safe.


A couple of the lenses are huge. Some of the lenses are a bit dusty but I haven’t taken the time yet to really sit down and clean each one.  I discovered  McDaniel Farm Park just yesterday and I think it might be a great place to start using this film camera.

It was sort of a Christmas gift to myself. What did you get this Christmas?

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