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It’s baseball and basketball season! This usually means nothing to me but I’ve looked at some of my older photos and noticed that I kind of like taking sports photography. At least, I think I’m half decent at it. Tonight was the GT vs. UGA baseball game (which we of course won) and I went with some friends and coworkers on a —gasp- working night.

Actually it was really good to get out. I got some fun shots while there, which I share with you:


The team gathering before the game starts


Pitch that sucker!


Silly dogs. He missed this one by the way, for a strike.


What some GT fans will do for some free goodies…


Cole Leonida played really well, in my opinion. :) Home run!

I’m really surprised how well these turned out. It was definitely getting dim around 7:30 and I had to shoot at ISO 1600 the entire time to get a decent enough shutter speed to capture the action at the telephoto end of my lens.

I wanted to do a refresh of my current equipment, upgrading my camera body to either a Canon T2i or 7D… still haven’t decided because I never do until the last minute. I also wanted to add the Sigma 150-500mm and Canon 10-22mm when its financially feasible. It might take all year but I can’t wait to expand my shooting abilities. What are your favorite things/places/events to photograph? And what equipment do you use for it?

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