Since summer is pretty much here, the insects have arrived in droves. My carefree, spiritual walks in the park are now mottled with an unsavory word or two as I bat away something that’s interested in sinking its proboscis into my flesh.

Fortunately at least half the world of arthropoda are tame and interesting and my phonecam keeps me busy! This guy was on a door frame this morning.

Every weekend has been booked with a shoot for me. This weekend I’m shooting at my favorite park: McDaniel Farm Park. Since I’m there at least 4 days of the week I know it like the back of my hand and can’t wait to shoot there! On top of that I’ve “rented” a coworker’s 70-200mm 2.8L II so I can get a little creative.  It’s also nearly 2400 to replace so I’ll also be SUPER PARANOID with it this whole weekend.

I’m always impressed by how all these really technical people are also really creative! Quite a lot of good engineers are also fantastic at the liberal arts.  My own Jeremy comes to mind. He’s got a natural eye for things, for sure.  I believe people have many talents and you don’t have to sequester yourself into the stereotypes society places on you. If you have a multitude of talents develop them to whatever extent makes you happy and also to whatever extent makes sense for all the rest of the goals in your life.

Trust me when I say the best things in life, the ones that made me, aren’t the ones that make me feel the emotion ‘happy’.  They’re much more profound than that.

You’re not a label. You’re not a wife, you’re not a runner, You’re not a big brother, you’re not a photographer, you’re not an engineer.  You’re labeled those things but you’re NOT those things. The day you lose your legs, who are you? The day you become a widow, who are you?  The day your camera falls into the ocean, who are you?  What is you cannot be diminished by things outside your skin.

The only label I ever want is my name. Sunira. I’m Sunira.  If there’s a problem, I like to solve it. If there’s tragedy, I need to embrace it.  If there’s a beautiful thing, I like to absorb it.  I am inspired by my world and I just want to express it in whatever way I fancy.  The end.

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