We don’t get much cold weather down here. A few weeks max of sub freezing weather is considered out of the ordinary. Our recent bout of cold weather was punctuated with a brief flurry of snow in the evening preceded by some extravagant cloud displays in the morning.

Doing what I do best on the road, which is really almost rear ending someone while I try to capture the sunrise at 55mph, I was able to capture these:

Right at sunrise:

After about an hour:

The workday went on as usual but when I left around 5:30, the sun was fading but the flakes that were falling were large and well formed; their six sided patterns visible to the naked eye. I had a point and shoot camera on me whose battery was almost dead but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Here’s the one shot that came out well :

I usually complain about the cold but I stood out in 20 degree (feels like 13!) weather for a good long while trying to get this one. I guess it shows you where my priorities are. That one shot made my entire day. Such tiny grandeur!

Anyone else have a snow picture to share?

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