Cosmos & Zinnia

This year we built two garden beds and I filled them with Cosmos, Zinnia, and Sunflowers. The Cosmos and Zinnia flowers are from my childhood – a memory of a garden between my parents’ and my aunt’s home in 90’s Roswell, GA.

The gardens have done really well – and I am blessed with abundant blooms from the cosmos! Going a little slower but looking super-promising, the Zinnia have popped a few pretty colors.



Something I really like about this garden is that it attracts tons of insects — bees, grasshoppers, beetles, and ants.  They all find something beneficial in this miniature ecosystem  – and take it to enrich the greater natural world in a little way.

Also it super helps that the cosmos is an endless supply of cut flowers to bring inside the home.


I feel the cosmos is going to be a yearly staple in this backyard. :)

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