Sips n Strokes

I’ve been attending this social event / art class for almost a year now run by a company called ‘Sips n Strokes’. They have two locations in Atlanta (Dunwoody & East Cobb), and a third opening soon in Buckhead! My friends, co-workers and I are regulars. There are usually 30+ people and we all have a good time.

The premise is that you bring yourself, some wine/beer/alcohol and snacks and receive art instruction while having a great time with your buds. I highly recommend it. It takes about 2 hours, costs about $25-$35 and all supplies needed are included in the price tag.

In general, the medium is acrylic but the methods include paintbrush, palette knife and paper towel painting. You can also pick your own colors when doing the artwork so you can actually hang it up later.

Last night’s example was this :


You can see it in all it’s watermarked glory. I pretty much hate bright colors so I chose a different palette.

The one the instructor did was pretty much the same, even brighter almost since she loved the blues and teals and I .. well.. am not a blue/teal kinda gal.

Here’s mine:

Yeah.. definitely not the same. But it actually goes with my house. :] I’ve learned over the few times I’ve been there that it’s definitely okay to step outside the box some with the techniques they’re teaching you.

Anyway, it’s absolutely fun and I’m always looking for more painting partners, trios or gangs. Check them out at and follow them on twitter. I’m sure this is not the last post about my painterrific adventures. :]

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