This morning we went to a family gathering to celebrate the birthday of one of my aunts. Midway through the dinner one of my other aunts motions for me to come over to where she is and tells me we have to talk, alone. Noticing there was a 6 month old baby in her arms and nobody else within listening proximity I asked her to spill the beans knowing full and well exactly what was going to come out of her mouth. There is only one reason any family member wants to talk to me alone. Apparently there’s this boy in the IT industry out in California  and some obscure relative saw me in some event and now his parents are interested in me.  Oh yeah, and he is 6’2. I know absolutely nothing else.

I guess I should be flattered but uh… it’s still kind of odd. I know all they based their recommendation from is what I look like and I guess the status my family has. That’s about it.  I guess that’s my biggest beef with the whole thing. How do you build a relationship from a few e-mails and a visit or two?  Anyway, I don’t have any shortage of indian men ogling me at work and it makes me feel awkward.

I guess they’ll all have to be surprised when I bring someone I do like home because he’s going to not really be … indian. :) Anyway, I promised my mom that if I didn’t have someone to marry by the time I hit 27(which is apparently old and decrepit by Indian standards) , she could list me on :-) I guess it seems way old to her because she was married when she was 21 and was already pregnant with me by my age now!

Oh well. Another day in the life of an Indian girl.

In other totally random news, I found a new webcomic (and anyone who knows me knows I looooove comics) about zombies. :D Also, why, why, why, is the new DLC for Left4Dead2 still not out? Valve time is like Desi time. Late and infuriating!


Oh, and, Spring is totally kicking ass outside. Between my fits of sneezing I can see beautiful flowers. I ventured outside today to see some of the pink blooms. Happy with the results!

My neighbor has tulip trees.. so beautiful this season..

The Cherry Blossoms are pretty epic.

The Cherry Blossoms are pretty epic.

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