Weekend Wilderness

I got out this weekend to enjoy some of the  sunny weather. Things have been see-sawing in terms of weather in Ga. One weekend it�s freezing and the next it’s mid-70’s. Personally, after this crummy cold grey winter, I’ll take what I can get.

The balmy Saturday meant the animals were out and so was my camera.  Results?

Spider stalking!

So.. I tried looking the spider up’ but I started freaking myself out with all the spider pictures.  For now he can be the mystery spider (Araneus anonymous) . This shot took a bit of setup. It’s a 28-300mm macro w/ 2 extension tubes and a full power flash to get enough light since he was in his dark hole and I was shooting at f/16 on top of that to try and increase my DOF since the little crapper was so tiny.  30 pics later, voila! Totally worth it though!


The lizards are out sunning themselves too� and aren�t too bad at posing. He looked me straight in the lens the whole time. I coaxed him onto my hand after he let me bug him for about 2o minutes.


The amazing part about this lizard is that he was brown on brown things and green on basically everything else. I thought only chameleons did that!

Anyway. even the riverside was springing with color, sun dazzling below its bank:


It was just a gorgeous day overall and I had plenty of opportunity to get out and shoot.  Lately things have been going well for the business side of my photography hobby too. I went out and shot some art pieces for a local studio and it was really fun to photograph such lovely pieces of art.

I’ll leave you with one more photo; my nephew Joshua’s birthday cupcake, as it was being blown out, from his party Sunday!


Looks good right?

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