It’s Here! My Canon T2i First Shots.

I finally got my camera last night and boy am I blown away at what it allows me to do creatively.

1) The live view is unbelievably useful for macro photography. Now I can actually SEE what I am composing instead of taking a guess and holding my camera near the subject.

2) Color pickup in this sensor is amazing. The following shots are completely unedited for color. Only thing I did to the image at all was crop to wallpaper size. I love wallpapers. :)

3) Autofocus works like a charm. The center crosspoint, especially, is really friggen awesome at focusing.

I had to run home and take a few photos. One I took last night to see how well the focusing works at night with barely any light.

Here are the shots I took today of my purple whatever flowers (no i have no idea what they are) in about 10 minutes outside.




I mean.. look at how well the magenta is rendered. This is something my previous camera had a hard time doing and I had to correct it all the time in Photoshop.

This following shot was taken last night in the dark after the rain.  The light in the background is just my flash going off. The light was unbelievably dim. So much so that my XTi just simply could not focus. But look at this! GEBUS! Such clarity! At ISO 400 no less! I did some minor sharpening.


The camera focused perfectly and set exposure correctly.  This is entirely thrilling.

Here’s a picture taken with the natural lighting at ISO 3200. That’s what it was able to compensate for because I personally couldn’t even see the light in the drops that clearly. I did nothing to this shot. It’s just cropped.


Anyway, I had put off my visit to the botanical gardens so I could go with this camera. I seriously don’t think I’m going to be disappointed. At all.

In other news I totally threw my iphone on the ground in front of Hobby Lobby recently.


Fail. However, it still works perfectly so life’s okay!

Prepare to be photo-bombarded friends. I am once again equipped with a trusty sidekick!

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  • Reply Meghan May 4, 2010 at 4:18 pm

    wow! BEAUTIFUL! Can’t wait to see what all you get with it. =)

    Sorry about the phone. I hate when that kind of thing happens.

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