Animal Crossing

I’ve been having a lot of fun playing Animal Crossing. It’s an unassuming game with no real time constraints and loads of community interaction.  You design and setup your own island, complete with neighbors and plenty to build.  Visiting other friends’ and strangers islands also provides enriching gameplay with builders recipes to collect and island after island of customized layouts to explore. I’ve really enjoyed it. At first I tried playing it like an economy game – planting money making trees everywhere and fishing, catching bugs, and digging up everything that could net me a few “bells” – the in game currency. I have taken it down a notch and now play it a little more like it’s intended – slowly and intentionally. Here’s a few scenes from my gameplay!

I built my own dim sum restaurant in my basement in game. I miss going to real dim sum.

They have indian kurtas as available fashion wear in game! Of course I found a field of flowers to show it off in – Bollywood style!

I was excited to see the in game computer allowed you to customize it so it had an IDE on it.

I went to my friend Brotherton’s island and bought myself some night vision goggles and took a romp in his golden rose field.

I don’t get to see my mentee and friend Akira in real life due to COVID so I see her in her Animal Crossing house. :)


Lockdown is hard -  but small things like this make it a little easier. :) Comment if you’re playing and want another friend!


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