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Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies Film Poster

Warm Bodies Film Poster

It’d been a while since Jeremy and I made it out to a theater and the reason we went at all last night was because my studio movie grill groupons were expiring. Great reason, I know.

We chose to watch Warm Bodies, a film my friend Rachael has been raving about for a while. I hadn’t even thought about it until earlier in the day when I was going to give Rachael some groupons and realized they were set to expire that night!

What a serendipitous series of events that led us to watch this somewhat silly but completely lovable movie on opening night!

No spoilers! Just a general overview ahead!

The plot follows a zombie teenager as he winds up dealing with the fact that he is in fact not simply a mindless eating machine. He must deal with having emotions and introspection which eventually leads him to connect with the living and change the fate of the undead.

At first I could only think “weird” when I thought about zombie romance (and this is coming from a seasoned Left 4 Dead 2 player) but the way it evolved throughout the story made it more than palatable.  I won’t ruin it more for you! Go check out the movie!! :)

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