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    See Ya Summer

    It’s hard to say goodbye. The end of summer always leaves me feeling tension – a strange discomfort I feel as I notice the increasingly dim evenings. The brisk air and clear…

  • Entertainment

    Animal Crossing

    I’ve been having a lot of fun playing Animal Crossing. It’s an unassuming game with no real time constraints and loads of community interaction.  You design and setup your own island, complete…

  • Books, Entertainment


    I finished my latest Sanderson book – Warbreaker last week. I really enjoyed the lore in this book – it was different and let me experience a fantasy world that wasn’t imbued…

  • Books

    The Mistborn Trilogy

    Easily my favorite fantasy trilogy, Mistborn was a series that took me a few false starts to really get into it. When I finally did it was like an old friend to…

  • Books

    Magic 2.0

    Magic 2.0 is a series of books that mashes together two of my favorite topics: magic and computers! The premise of the series lies around characters the discover a file that controls…

  • Books

    All The Light We Cannot See

    The way I choose books is to check the ‘related’ list on Amazon, inspired by the last book I’ve bought. The big shiny pulitzer price medal on the cover narrowed it down and the…