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It’s 2019! Happy New Year

I love when the new year rolls around because it’s a celebration of new beginnings. Loads of people are looking at ways to improve themselves and it’s a psychological “reset” for some of us over the last year’s challenges and failures.  It marks the beginning of slowly lengthening days – something that’s important to me. I celebrate winter solstice every year in my heart because it means the darkness is going to start subsiding and my warm days and verdant landscapes are on their way back.

One more thing I was really looking forward to in particular was checking out Yayoi Kusama’s exhibit here in Atlanta.

My great friend Pam scored tickets for the four of us back in October and it’s been on the back of my mind since. I may or may not have practiced some mirror selfies to make sure I didn’t mess up the focus. You’re only given 20-30 seconds to experience each room – and I did not want to mess it up! After today, I can say it was largely a success for me! I was able to snap a couple of photos in each room for the first few seconds and then absorb the room for the rest.

Lots of interesting sculptures, strange videos, and unexpected textures and backstories made this a really great exhibit.

Being immersed in reflected light, shapes, and even copies of yourself was my favorite part of this exhibit. The experience of walking into a seemingly endless room while simultaneously reflecting on the figure of yourself from several angles is a trippy, exciting encounter.

We got to place our stickers in her iconic ‘Obliteration Room’ and finished off our experience with this bright, eye catching environment. It was a fun thing to do with friends on a really beautiful, uncommonly warm January Sunday.

I got to ride around on my first Bird scooter today too – of which I was terrified the entire time. I can’t wait to do that again. :)

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