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See Ya Summer

It’s hard to say goodbye. The end of summer always leaves me feeling tension – a strange discomfort I feel as I notice the increasingly dim evenings. The brisk air and clear skies that feel great now but also signal the impending bite of winter. The body of my youth loved summer – its best seasonal friend. The heat provided an energy to me and the long days enveloped my mood and outlook with optimism. Things change as we age – everyone knows this – but feeling that change internally is a different experience than knowledge of it can provide. The metaphor, for me, is best encompassed by the sunset – a fiery one. Nobody can fully experience a sunset through words and information. You have to experience it through sight, temperature, wind, intensity – and it’s exactly the same feeling I get about summer coming to a close.

A few scenes from on the water this summer as I said goodbye to an excellent day.

And the quietest moment at the end.

Good night, Summer 2021.

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