I’ve been pretty terrible at posting this week.  You’ll have to forgive me. I have been getting destroyed at work, at boot camp, and at home trying to get things ready for a few events happening this weekend. Boot camp was so bad yesterday I had to hobble to my car to get home.  Worst shin splints ever after doing tons of running this week and I got almost nothing done while trying to recover yesterday.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my job, my hours at boot camp, and all the other stuff I do but it was so overwhelming this week!

Good news is that after all of  the everything I had to do and plan and buy and survive this week,  the results are that I can finally stop driving on my expired drivers license, I’ve now got plans to be in Vegas and LA next month  (hit me up if you want to do a shoot in those cities!), and a big project I was lead for is pretty much finished and will be deploying at work next Thursday!  My on-call week ends this weekend.  One of my best friends from middle school and university is coming over on Sunday to see my house and everything I’ve done with it, I’m seeing another good friend from high school on Saturday and I’m going bowling with a former NFL player on Saturday.

Oh, and I’m getting to make some soap this evening, but I’m looking forward to that being a relaxing, easy, and fun activity with company. :)


Oh … these photos. The farm park near my home is in full bloom. These thistles are growing everywhere.

I actually have more farm park photos but I haven’t even taken them off my camera.  Cause I’m crazy busy. Did I mention I’m crazy busy?

Oh yeah my brother is graduating high school next Friday. That is insaneo. It feels like he was just in elementary school when I was in college.  We are all growing up so fast!

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