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South Queensferry

Jeremy and I are on the cusp of our next international destination : Switzerland!! As exciting as that has been to plan – I haven’t even written about the last time we went to a different country! My cousin got married last August in Scotland and we just had to go! We found the sweetest little cottage on a cliff and made our base of operations in Scotland in the little town of Queensferry.

From our cottage we had a great view of the river as well as a fabulous view down the main street.

We walked down this road a few times – and my favorite storefront had to be the pub we stopped in a couple times. The beach along the river was just snail shells, bits of old ceramic roof, and seaglass. I was obsessed with the textures and colors made with the sea glass and sea shells tossed about with some seaweed and water. The muted colors – easy on the eyes and unique to this place. Did I mention I was a bit obsessed with the snail shell beach? Old world charm just oozed out of every nook and cranny of this place. A few of these houses were older than the United States of America. And a few of these abandoned homes –  much younger. :) On one of our last nights,  I took a panorama at sunset – catching the sleepy town in a warm soft light.  When we visit Scotland again ( because we missed half the country!) I want to stop into Queensferry. It was such a lovely town –  not only for the quaint visuals but because the people were genuinely friendly.

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