I shot a wedding a couple weekends ago.

Yeah I’m crazy… but hey! I just like to throw myself off metaphorical piers fairly often in life, it seems. And I’m almost done processing all the photos. I had Jeremy second shoot this wedding, so the final image count is like 800 processed out of a total shooting of 3000.  BOOYA.

My ratios of final out of total is getting bigger, so I was pretty proud of this latest set.
Also, Lightroom is the boss for making my processing workflow so dang efficient. I can crop, color correct and minimize pores in like 20 seconds. It’s .. awesome. <3 me some Adobe.

That’ll be me struggling with bangles in a couple weeks. :)



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  • Reply Ami September 17, 2012 at 3:48 pm

    GD, even Samina’s hands look pretty when they are being squashed by bangles!! LOL

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