Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, friends! This year has been a whirlwind of events for us and looking back, I am just so thankful. This year we have been blessed by buying a new home, which has cut my commute down from 60-75minutes to just 15 minutes one-way and made the commute for Jeremy much less frustrating. He gets to work in about 30 minutes. It has changed our day-to-day lives.

Jeremy turned 33 this year and we had a birthday/housewarming party and filled our home with friends from 6months old to 65 years old. We love our wide range of friends and are grateful for them. My family has come and filled our home too. It was just filled my heart to watch the kids play in our backyard and everyone have a good time together. We wanted this home to be a hub for friends and family to drop in for good food, good conversations, and plenty of places to lounge around. :) Truly this home has been a huge blessing to us already in the 2 months we’ve had the privilege of living here.

This year, We’ve made a couple of new friends along the way and spent loads of time with the good people we seem to find in every corner of our lives. We are so thankful for the many people who invest in us and our relationship with them. We also think of those without many of the blessings we have that we were simply given and as the holiday season is now in full swing, we hope to invest more time and love back into our local community – a task made easier with our new location and space.

If you’re reading this, I hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving too – with time to mull over your own blessings ( maybe over loads of food ).

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