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A Hot Minute in Boston

Jeremy and I went to Boston for Paz’s wedding but had an opportunity to check out some of the city sights and catch up with our old middle school – college friend David.  One of the first things I saw were the abundance of park finches. They’re so cute I can’t resist.

Beautiful netting with iridescent geometric shapes hung between two buildings and shimmered in the wind.

A man who called himself Professor World Band played a ton of instruments at once in the middle of the park. I really couldn’t help but smile when I looked at him. I think that may have been his purpose. I found his website later! Here’s an excerpt about him:

Ramblin’ Dan was born in New York and raised in a large and musical family. After completing his studies in Botanical Sciences at the University of Wisconsin, he decided to go out and explore the world for a year and started playing street music to support his travels. He had such a great time that  he just kept on going. One year became two, then four, then eight and now he’s been on the road almost nonstop for the past twenty five years and has played with his very unique and crazy music machine in over thirty countries around the world.

Boston garden is dotted with these pretty trees in bloom throughout. We were pretty lucky in that the weather was somewhat rainy lending us some pretty cool hours each day.

There was plenty of garden to see with a ton of flowers in bloom everywhere. The trees there are ancient and their gnarly bark and thick trunks were a welcome change from the tall thin young pines I’m used to in Georgia.

Can’t get a straight face out of this guy. I guess she loves him for different reasons …haha.

Boston also has a charming skyline without too much presence.  I really enjoyed its subtle visuals and warm brick and glass throughout.

A few more from walking around the gardens and taking a look at the surrounding architecture…

Last but not least, two very serious statues with pigeons on their heads. :)

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