Magic 2.0

Magic 2.0 is a series of books that mashes together two of my favorite topics: magic and computers! The premise of the series lies around characters the discover a file that controls and reflects the state of the world around us and the consequences of changing things for their own personal gain. They tackle topics of time travel, changing matter, building Atlantis, and surprisingly some social issues!

Apart from being the somewhat-newish genre of  computer-magic-fantasy, the humor was just short of being campy and right in the middle of being enjoyable and worth a snicker periodically. Think Monty Python-esque humor in book form. : They’re all fast reads, with easy language. You can complete the books in a couple of days so I recommend buying them all at once!

Definitely pick up some copies if you’re looking to enjoy some lighthearted fantasy. I enjoyed them thoroughly.

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