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Feeding the Neighbors

Jeremy and I have started putting out seeds and peanuts for our little wild neighbors and we were surprised with who showed up.

 The squirrel was not a surprise but he’s gotten quite used to us and will come wait on the rail until we see him. We put out peanuts for him when we do so he’s pretty much domesticated us. He’s usually looking for us around the time we leave for work and is around when we return, too.

I particularly like this shot of him drenched in the light as the sun rises through the trees behind him.

The best surprise for us this year is the purple finch pair that is either nesting or just passing through our neighborhood. Here’s the male, in all his purple-red glory.  He shows up in the morning, when we’re heading to work.

The third unexpected but adorable frequenter are the blue jays.

Surprisingly they spend their time picking up the peanuts far more than the seed.

As spring goes on I hope we attract some chickadees, nuthatches and some more of the usual Georgia birds I see everywhere.


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