I have to return the 70-200mm lens I had rented tomorrow. The weddings are over, and I won’t see it again til the next one! Jeremy bought me an awesome new camera bag for Christmas. It can hold everything, including two bodies, all five of the lenses I like to use for events, including the big white beast, the 70-200mm.

To break in the bag, we took a walk despite the cold, to McDaniel Farm Park. It;s one of the few places where you can check out some interesting birds and animals as well as enjoy the natural peace you can’t find in a typical urban park with baseball fields, loud children or numerous adults. We don’t frequent it as much anymore, with life just sweeping us down  many different paths lately, but it was still the same. Quiet, with little live treasures everywhere  to capture with my lens.




I could barely even see these two from where i was standing.


The day after tomorrow, it’s supposed to get down into the low single digits here in Duluth. That’s nearly unheard of! There’s also a chance of snow which for a good chunk of georgians means buying a years supply of bread and milk.

Jeremy and I are hoping to capture a few flurries, and in the event of an actual snow, walk to the park and indulge in some very rare southern snow scenes. :) WIsh us luck!

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