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Shutters and Libretto

This weekend was very eventful and in the best of ways! My parents celebrated their 31st wedding anniversary and we of course had to go out and celebrate with steak. :)

Saturday I found myself photographing my wedding photographer. Which was really easy since she & her husband are total posing pros. I still have a ton more photos to go through but I really liked these few. Winter foliage makes for a soft background to envelope your subjects in!  It’s also a lovely change from the usual green field & trees we enjoy all spring through early fall.




After the photo session we made our way to historic Duluth where we meandered to one of Jeremy and my favorite coffee shops: Chocolate Perks. Their pillows had the right message.


Apart from their great service, they also make pretty latte art! :)


I also took a look inside the violin shop next door. The windows were filled with string instrument knick knacks. Once again I thought about picking up my long ignored instrument…



Maybe one day I’ll pick it back up! A possible goal for 2014? :)

And then we got pies at Crave Pie. I haven’t had over 20g of carbs / day since January 1st. Not just sugars, but all carbs! So… I satisfy my need to interact with sweet things by making Jeremy eat them. :)

Crave Pies in Downtown Duluth

We got the dutch apple and the pecan pies. Jeremy really liked them both. When we got home I made some cinnamon hazlenut coffee whipped cream for the pecan one. It worked out.

Later that night we got to see our friend Sam’s libertto! He was selected to compete in a 24 hour challenge at the Atlanta Opera. We went to see the resulting opera. We were not disappointed.



Sam looked a bit nervous after all the mini operas had been performed and voting had started. I didn’t think he had too much to worry about. He was team green and … well just look at what the baskets looked like:


Whlie he didn’t win the Judge’s favorite (whut?) he sure swept the audience away and won the popular vote! He and his pianist get up to go accept their award.


All of us were thrilled to see him get his deserved recognition.


And we celebrated at Uncle Julio’s in Atlanta. This, FYI, was the best steak salad I’d ever had in my life. It’s $15 and worth every dollar.


I thought it was a fantastic night. :)

Jeremy and I even got to meet Sam’s friend with whom he romped around Central america with for a few weeks: Steven, and his wife Lisa.


I’m looking forward to many many more Saturdays like this one. :) Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.

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